Robert Bixler

Robert Bixler has designed and delivered technical assistance systems at the community, regional, state and federal levels. As the Deputy Project Director for the SAMHSA Strategic Prevention Project, he designed and managed a national outcome-based assistance system. Within Colorado as the Project Director for the Regional Prevention Center System, he created interactive data-base tools used throughout the state. He developed a technical assistance system that incorporated regionalized planning, targeted assistance based on social and health indicator data and inter-agency collaboration. As the National Project Director on the CSAP State Capacity Building and Training contract he oversaw training curriculum development, technical assistance and training delivery related to state capacity building for the United States. While Director of the Training Institute at the National Drug Research Institute he managed a program with a budget of over $3 million and whose staff trained over 12,000 workers. He conducted long-range planning and restructuring of training organizations and oversaw curriculum development. He has a Master of Divinity from Yale University and a BA in Psychology from the University of Illinois.

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